I've studied post-socialist cinema theory at Beijing Film Academy. 

I maintained a popular celebrity parody Twitter (Joan Didion) but it stopped being fun so I deleted it.

I've co-directed two independent films, both during my year living in California (sorry I like to party / locos only).  

I once freelanced for a CD who was pitching to the estate of Michael Jackson. 

I wrote a 2017 Super Bowl spot, but it wasn't produced.

I'm the only person who has written for both Playboy and Weight Watchers. 

I once wrote a treatment for Speed 3.

I was among the three people who first used the "Deal With It" meme in 2010 on dump.fm

Before I went to ad school, I was a club promoter and a camera operator for industrial films. 

I wrote a :30 commercial for Occupy Wall Street that was produced but never aired.

I do my own tattoos. 

I've seen raw 4K footage of Beyoncé dancing. 

Email with questions and to get the password to locked projects: 

erik d stinson [at] g [mail] dawt [com]